On the EA identity crisis ..

The Open Group have an interesting post on Enterprise Architecture’s Quest for its Identity

I think it’s time for EITAs to give up the EA label in favour of something that clearly reflects their technology focus *and* also emphasis *why they are there*.

One idea I have started to toss around at my day job is to re-badging our IT architecture group (which is really EITA) “technology effectiveness” to focus on our key result area: making sure that the business has the right technology to achieve its goals (strategic / planning focus), and that we as IT run that technology as efficiently and effectively as possible (operational / doing focus).   Hopefully this is tweetable enough for me to get across the next time I meet a CxO in the elevator 🙂

Avatar – made with Glassfish?

I’m very excited about the l-o-n-g-awaited launch of Glassfish 3.1, as it seems to have a very similar “shape” to WebLogic which is an app server I’ve been using for a long time.  (“shape” = Admin server, managed servers, node manager, scriptable setup, good high availability, nice admin console etc etc).

Looking around on Glassfish.java.net I found this rather interesting white paper comparing it with Tomcat (hopefully it will be updated to reflect 3.1 capabilities such as clustering). One point of comparison was their “CGI”[1] capabilities – apparently this is still an important feature for application servers! Check it out below:

screenshot of oracle white paper comparing glassfish & tomcat features

I wonder which application server they used to make Avatar?

Seriously though, I will be checking out Glassfish 3.1 in detail albeit for more pedestrian goals like providing a robust and cost-effective “full service” appserver for my mission-critical apps. Sure I can embed ActiveMQ in Tomcat, but do I want to? Watch this space for my findings 🙂

[1] Note to Oracle – you might want to get your tech writers up to speed on this CGI – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Common_Gateway_Interface