STP 2.0 – smart touch processing

A common goal of many process-oriented organisations is to increase throughput through straight-through processing (we’ll call it STP 1.0).  This can be tricky in environments where automating a bad decision can have quite substantial impacts.

In addition to applying smarts to increase our throughput,  we should go the next step and apply the smarts to know when a manual decision by a knowledge worker is required.

James Taylor alludes to all this in his recent blog posts on the Gartner BPM conference.

This idea needs a name – Introducing STP 2.0 – Smart Touch Processing.

BOTW: Top 10 tips for presenting enterprise architecture information

It’s been over a week since the last one, but here is #2.

Top 10 tips for presenting architecture information:

  1. Know Your Audience
  2. Carefully Choose Your Approach
  3. Set the Context
  4. Increase the Information Resolution
  5. Show Data on a Universal Grid
  6. Use Small Multiples
  7. Recognize that Content is King
  8. Leverage Industry Standard Notation Techniques
  9. Incorporate Relevant Facts and Figures
  10. Follow the Particular, General, Particular Pattern

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