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On the EA identity crisis ..

The Open Group have an interesting post on Enterprise Architecture’s Quest for its Identity

I think it’s time for EITAs to give up the EA label in favour of something that clearly reflects their technology focus *and* also emphasis *why they are there*.

One idea I have started to toss around at my day job is to re-badging our IT architecture group (which is really EITA) “technology effectiveness” to focus on our key result area: making sure that the business has the right technology to achieve its goals (strategic / planning focus), and that we as IT run that technology as efficiently and effectively as possible (operational / doing focus).   Hopefully this is tweetable enough for me to get across the next time I meet a CxO in the elevator 🙂

BOTW: Top 10 tips for presenting enterprise architecture information

It’s been over a week since the last one, but here is #2.

Top 10 tips for presenting architecture information:

  1. Know Your Audience
  2. Carefully Choose Your Approach
  3. Set the Context
  4. Increase the Information Resolution
  5. Show Data on a Universal Grid
  6. Use Small Multiples
  7. Recognize that Content is King
  8. Leverage Industry Standard Notation Techniques
  9. Incorporate Relevant Facts and Figures
  10. Follow the Particular, General, Particular Pattern

Read more here.

BOTW: Ten Pitfalls in Establishing an Enterprise Architecture

Ok, time to introduce bookmark of the week (BOTW).

Gartner on ‘Ten Pitfalls in Establishing an Enterprise Architecture’.

A good article in itself, that links you to the Gartner site.  There we find a couple of interesting video snippets:

Phil Allega on the role of an enterprise architect: (note, these are across both buisness  & technology)

  • identify business obstacles
  • discover opportunities for efficiency & consolidation
  • mirror to the strategy – help the business understand how the execution of their grand strategy is playing out (I guess this helps with fine-tuning)
  • future impact specialist – what are the short, medium and long-term business and technology impacts of decisions we make today?
  • steward of all interrelationships in the EA, be they between business processes, the technology that support them and so on.  Basically, stewards of the ‘EA’ (the core business processes and technology that support the execution of the business’ operating model – Ross et al)

Brian Burke on CFOs and Enterprise Architects – EA can contribute to key areas of interest for CFO:

  • capitalising on market changes to driving business growth – identify coming trends & ensure the business is ready [ie has the right foundation for execution] to either lead or be a fast follower
  • reducing costs – EA has visibility of business assets & how they can be rationalised, and buisness project portfolio & which can be culled because they are no longer aligned with strategy
  • measuring business performance – providing models that facilitates this – such as (ta-daaa) the “Gartner Business Value Model”.  TODO: find out what this is.